Are the transport operations carried out by MAGHREB SOLUTIONS environmentally friendly?

Maghreb Solutions is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving natural resources. In fact, the company subsidizes the “Association Marocaine pour l’Ecotourisme et la Protection de la Nature – AMEPN “, a non-profit association based in Morocco and dedicated to the preservation of the natural heritage by optimizing ecosystems and naturally occurring products as … Lire la suite

What does MAGHREB SOLUTIONS do for safety?

We attach particular importance to the safety of the various stakeholders involved in both our transport and cargo operations. A safety protocol including preventive measures and general safety instructions is regularly communicated to our drivers and transport partners to reduce the risk of accidents.

Is combined transport environmentally friendly?

The truck-ship combination is a mode of transport that is both efficient and environmentally friendly. With Maghreb Solutions, you take a stance as a company aware of its responsibilities by amply contributing to the reduction of pollutants and CO2 emissions.

What are the advantages of combined transport?

Combined transport provides all the benefits of the diverse transport types suited to each section of your transport route and optimizes goods delivery schedules in accordance with customer requirements: delivery times, transportation costs, safety of goods, palletizing and potential transhipment during transport.